Wind power is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies.

SNP LIMITED is constantly working in close partnership with our customers and suppliers to help them achieve their environmental goals through innovation in steel solutions.


Wind power is a general term for any form of useful energy into which the wind is turned or for systems that turn the kinetic
energy of wind into electricity. Wind turbines are commonly used to produce electricity.

A large-scale wind farm consists of several hundreds of wind turbines which are connected to electric power transmission
units. In particular, offshore wind farms can harness more frequent and stronger winds than land-based installations
and thus produce far more energy from wind than onshore wind farms, though they may cost a lot more to develop.

Wind power, as an eco-friendly energy alternative to fossil fuels, is plentiful, renewable and clean and emits no
greenhouse gases and requires much less land space. Offshore wind power also refers to the construction of wind farms
in bodies of water to generate electricity from wind. Unlike the meaning of conventional offshore business, offshore
wind power encompasses all wind turbines built offshore in lakes, rivers or seas. Offshore wind turbines require different
types of bases according to the depth of water.

We are a total solution provider of materials for offshore wind turbines, delivered to locations
throughout the world. A wide range of turbines is bases for stability, according to the depth of water

A monopile (single column), six meters in diameter, is used in waters up to 30m deep.

Gravity base Structures, for use at exposed sites in water 20- 80m deep.

Tripod piled structures, in water 20-80m deep.

Tripod suction caisson structures, in water 20-80m deep.

Conventional steel jacket structures, as used in the Oil & Gas industry, in water 20-80m deep.
Floating wind turbines are being developed for deeper water.

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